My Goal: 70 Years Old And Fuckable

As I type this post, I am less than two months from my 66th birthday. According to a study I found online I have a 90%+ change of living to celebrate my 70th birthday. I will or I won’t. And even if I should wake up on the morning of my 70th birthday, will I be physically healthy and mentally sound.. The study suggests I have of good chance of reaching that birthday but says nothing about these factors.

The year I turn 70 years old Donald Trump will turn 77, Joe Biden will turn 81 and Bernie Saunders will turn 82. One of these three men could be our :President at this time and will even celebrate one more birthday as our president. Hillary Clinton will turn 76 and in another reality she could easily have been in her second term as President of the United States. The men are all running to be elected President of the United States with the basic premise that five and a half years from now they will still be physically and mentally up to the challenge of holding arguably the most powerful office in the world. I just want to be fucked by a man on my 70th birthday.

When all is really said and done I have no real control over whether or not I live to age 70. And their are other factors beyond my control that may severely limit how I spend my days, the quality of my life, and (to the subject of this post) whether or not I am fuckable at that age. However should I wake up on that morning physically healthy and mentally sound and do not get fucked I have no one to blame but myself.

There are however additional challenges I will face on this day. First of all the title of this website is Becoming Fuckable. I am a 65-year-old sissy. I am fuckable. I know there are men who would fuck me. Which is the same as saying I feel fuckable. I want to be a sissy who gets fucked every day because every day she cross paths with at least one man who finds her fuckable. I aspire to be a bimbo who gets fucked every day because men want to fuck her. When I spread my legs on my 70th birthday, I want his cock to be hard for the pussy he sees. Begone penis. I want a pussy.

Who is this man? He is a man who has fucked me before. Possibly he has fucked me several times. Or maybe he is not a man who has fucked me before. Either way, on the bed stand next to the bed, there are ten one-hundred dollar bills. He has paid to fucked me on this my 70th birthday as has every man who has fucked me over the better part of the last four years.

It is not difficult to find stories online of people in the later years of their lives returning to school to get a degree, climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world, fulfilling some lifelong dream. Almost every time I mention to someone that I am 65, I will be reminded that ‘age is just a number.’ Is there any reason why in this day and age when men are using viagra to have sex in their 80s that I can not aspire to be a whore for those men, for all men, in my late 60s.

I fully acknowledge that as it true of all goals it will not be easy, that it is a goal that will never be realized, that death or illness maybe block me from achieving my goal. However if as generally as I am today and as mentally sound as I am today and I have not spent the last 1514 days of my life doing anything and everything I had to do to realize my goal I have squander away four years of my life. And I have already squander away half-a-century of my life. I have already squandered too much.

My first challenge is to become a very fuckable sissy. My next challenge will be to become a very fuckable bimbo. Then I want to become a very fuckable woman — as in ‘Yeah, I have a pussy.’ And then I need to become a very fuckable, always in high demand, whore. These four challenges are not stages I will address. The will overlap. I will need to earn the big boobs I want as a bimbo on my back as a sissy. I will need to earn the pussy I want to be a true woman for cock on my back as a sissy. I will never be the whore I want to be until I have given away a lot of ass for free as a sissy slut. To the extent that one can say my life will be a series of stages I must master, the number of stages I must managed is not four, but rather 1514. What I do each and every day is important to what I can accomplish on the next day and all the days to come.

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