We Fuck — Our First Time

It was the first weekend in October. I was eighteen, a high school senior. Veronica was fourteen, a freshman. Finally a freshman! I had kept the promise I made to myself. But she was now a freshman so my wait would soon be over. There had been so many times over the last year that I had come so close to saying — “What the hell. She wants it. Tonight I am going to give it to her.” Sometimes I chose to honor my promise. Other times the opportunity did not present itself. There were even times I simply doubted myself. And doubted what I wanted. Did I really want to fuck Veronica.

Once or twice a month, Veronica — and to my mind she is always Veronica and never Glen — would spend the weekend with Grandma. Grandma had raised Veronica for seven years and insisted she had time with her on a regular basis. Veronica would spend her time in Spokane as Veronica. I had the task of driving her to Spokane for these visits.

When we arrived at Grandma’s house, Veronica said her hellos and then headed to her bedroom to change. While she was changing, Grandma asked a favor of me. She had a date that evening and would be out most of the evening. Would I mind spending the night so Veronica would not be alone. I agreed to do so and I called Mom to let her know I would not be home that night. As I spoke to Mom, Grandma went to her bedroom to change for her date. This was a good thing as it allowed me to return to the living room without her seeing that I had an hard-on.

When Veronica returned from her bedroom, the issue with my erection got worse. Thankfully Grandma was still in her bedroom. I brought Veronica up to speed on my conversation with Grandma. Veronica and I had planned on telling Grandma we were going to take in a movie before I headed back to Rosalia. When I finished telling her that I would be staying overnight and that we had the house to ourselves for the evening, I added “So we will not be going out to a movie tonight. Okay.” She smiled and replied, “Of course not.”

Grandma returned from her bedroom and for the better part of an hour the three of us engaged in small talk, mostly centering on my last year in high school and Veronica’s first year. Veronica kept glancing my way. Did she know I would be fucking her that night? ‘Know’ implies a certainty she may have lacked, but at the very least she knew she would soon be sucking my cock. Blowjobs from Veronica had not been part of my promise to myself.

I was a bit surprised when Grandma’s date showed up and he was a black man. Veronica was not surprised. ‘Most of the men she ‘sees’ are black men’ she told me later. Once he arrived, him and Grandma could not leave fast enough — to my thinking. It was all I could do to keep from rushing to the door to open it and send them on their way with a terse “Good night and have fun tonight.”

As soon as their car started to pull away from the curb, Veronica turned to me and said “Let’s fuck.” I replied, “You must be reading my mind.” Now I consider myself a pretty normal guy and I think I pretty much want what other guys want — and I wanted to fuck my girlfriend. I wanted to FINALLY fuck my girlfriend. Yes, my girlfriend had a penis and I was her older brother but these were not part of the equation to my mind. I had regarded Veronica as my girlfriend for going on a year and a half. However for at least three years before she became my girlfriend, she was my go to fantasy whenever I was ready to shoot a load. In other words my cock had wanted her ass for years.

If I had not been a virgin at the time, I might have found seeing a penis instead of a pussy as a bit disorienting. But I was a virgin and I knew of course that she had a penis. While I had been lusting after Veronica since she was like nine years old. my lust took on an new intensity when I learned about how gay men had sex. I had not spent the last four years fixated on her pussy — which she did not have — but on her ass.

Our first time was so clumsy that it had to be comical to watch — if anyone had been watching. The second time was better but probably only because the first time had been so bad. Only a little more than 30 minutes had passed since we hurried to her bedroom to fuck and we had already fucked twice. I know these two times were bad because after laying in bed for about thrity minutes or so and chatting about anything about the sex we had just had, Veronica went down on me. The next hour of my life was the best hour I had known to that point in time. When I finally shot my load up her ass and rolled off of her, all we could talk about was the sex.

By the time grandma returned I had already gone upstairs to the bedroom I used when Mom and Dad were not using it. Leaving Veronica alone in her room had been about the most difficult thing I could do. I heard Grandma arriving back home and could tell her date had been invited inside. I then heard Grandma walking in the hallway and there came a knock at my door. “Are you awake Mike?” Considering how I had spent my evening, talking to Grandma at that time was not high on my list. However I had little doubt Grandma knew I was awake and I said “Come in.’

She sat down on the bed. “I do not want to keep my friend waiting long so I will get right to the point. Is my little girl Veronica a woman now?’ I was about ready to question her question as if I had no idea what she was asking, when she continued. “And don’t lie to me Mike. I know how it is between you two; how it has been for years. If she is not, that is a good thing. If she is, . . . Well, frankly that just the way it is.” She paused and then added. “Believe it or not I was young once and I know how young men of your age cane be. And Veronica is an attractive young woman. Too young in my opinion but . . . at least I know you love her and would never hurt her. So is my little girl a woman now?” I nodded and she thanked me for being honest with her.

The next morning I woke up and found Veronica kneeling beside my bed. She had pulled back the covers and was checking out my morning wood. “Grandma is still sleeping, ” she said and then she stood up and before I was even fully awake she straddle me and slide herself down onto my cock. My first instinct was to push her off of me and send her back downstairs. I did not act on that instinct and my second instinct prevailed. It was only a quickie but within a couple minutes of Veronica’s departure, I could hear her chatting with Grandma downstairs. Grandma was awake and if i could hear them downstairs it did not seem unlikely Grandma had heard us upstairs.

From that day forward, more often than not, whenever Veronica and I came to visit Grandma, she seemed to have plans to be somewhere else for a couple of hours. I cannot say why it was that Grandma was so — accepting — of the situation. However as a single Mom raising a son on her own during the Depression and the Second World War, she simply accepted that what Veronica and i wanted to do, we would do, and like the historical events that shaped her life, she was powerless to change that. All she could do was make the best of it.

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